Class & Subclass Background Race Alignment Level
Wizard Necromancer Ordine di Icaro Reborn (Human) Chaotic Neutral 8


Proficiency: +3 Passive Perception: 11 (Skydd) Initative: +1
Hit Points: 49 Armor Class: 11 Speed: 30ft
Strength 0 (11)   Intelligence +5 (20)
Dexterity +1 (12)   Wisdom -3 (5)
Constitution +1 (12)   Charisma +4 (18)
Saving Throws Modifier
Strength +0
Dexterity +1
Constitution +1
~ Intelligence ~ +5
~ Wisdom ~ -3
Charisma +4
Skills Modifier   Skills Modifier
Acrobatics +1   Medicine -3
~ Animal Handling ~ 0   Nature +5
~ Arcana ~ +8   Perception -3
Athletics 0   Performance +4
~ Deception ~ +7   Persuasion +4
History +5   Religion +5
Insight -3   Sleight of Hand +1
Intimidation +4   Stealth +1
~ Investigation ~ +8   Survival -3


  • Wand: A normal wand, with a yellow eye (symbol of The Order of Icarus) on top, surrounded by 2 small wings.
  • Spellbook: A purple spellbook, with a yellow eye (symbol of The Order of Icarus) on the Cover.
  • Skull Earring: An earring that recalls a Human Skull that is biting your ear. Effect: everytime someone or something tries to reveal the true nature of the wearer, the result will always be that the wearer is an alive human.
  • Dagger: Just a normal dagger.

Features & Traits

  • Shadow Touched: (+1 Int) You learn and can cast Invisibility (2nd level) or Inflict Wounds (1st level) gratis 1 time/ day, then using spell slots.
  • Ancestral Legacy: (+2 Proficiencies)
  • Deathless Nature: 4h sleep to long rest, no need to eat/drink, advantage on saving throws against death and disease, resistance to poison.
  • Knowledge From a Past Life: Ability Check, after rolling d20, can roll d6 and add result. Can use a number of times equals your proficiency, and regain expended uses on a long rest.
  • Arcane Recovery: After short rest, once per day, can recover spell slots equals to Wizard level, but not above 5th level (Lev 8 Wizard can recover 2 spell slots of 4th level, or 8 of 1st level).
  • Necromancy Savant: Gold and Time spent to copy a necro spell is halved.
  • Grim Harvest: Once per turn, when kill a creature with a spell (1st level or higher), regain hp equals to 2 times the spell cost, or 3 times if it’s a necro spell. Can’t use against Construct or Undead.
  • Undead Thralls: (+Animate Dead spell) When casting animate dead, you can target 1 extra corpse. Zombie/Skeletons have the following benefits: hp increased by wizard level, and add your proficiency for attack rolls.
  • Death Gift: If you have 0hp at the beginning of your turn, you regain 1 hit point, and stand up automatically.


  • Components: 90gold for “Find Familiar” spell, 100gold for learning spells
  • Dwarf King’s Tibia: it is what it is
  • Gold Necklace: give this to “Mon Amour” ;)
  • Notes: notes on Adena’s Runes


Created from an experiment that failed, and thrown away as a failure, O’Birgam wandered through Asteros for a long time. From Gline to Elyvelune, never entering a city, and always just roaming around. In some woods, trying to follow his flying monkey Skydd, he fell in a portal, that lead him to the shadowfell. Here, he met Jonirenicus, that took him as his apprentice, teaching him Necromancy. After reaching some experience, he enter The Order of Icarus, and started helping them with some tasks.


O’Birgam is a pale “human”, with green eyes and black medium-length hair. He always wears a long black tunic. In a giant pocket he keeps his spellbook, and inside the right sleeve he keeps his wand. With a costant “i don’t know” look, he may stop listening you while you are talking to him. He has a giant scar on his back, probably caused by the experiments they did on him. He is always followed by Skydd: his flying monkey pet. Skydd always helps Birgam staying away from danger, using his higher perception to alert him.


Spellcasting Ability: Int Spell Save DC: 16 Spell Attack Bonus: 8 N. Spells Ready: 13
Mage Hand
Chill Touch
Minor Illusion
1st level (4 slots)
Ray of Sickness
Feather Fall
Find Familiar (Rit, Conc)
Shield (React)
Mage Armor
Charm Person
Detect Magic (Rit, Conc)
Inflict Wounds (Talent)
2nd level (3 slots)
Wither and Bloom
Crown of Madness
Dragon’s Breath(Conc, BA)
3rd level (3 slots)
Counterspell (React)
Vampiric Touch (Conc)
Summon Undead (Conc)
Enemies Abound (Conc)
Leomund’s Tiny Hut (Rit)
Animate Undead (Talent)
4th level (2 slots)
Banishment (Conc)